Lasky Photographic Artwork Newspaper Article

Bob Lasky – The Photographer – Expanding His Visions
by Sara Rogers

Photography as Fine Art is what photographer Bob Lasky has on his mind lately. Nationally known for his work in many arenas, Bob Lasky is now adding one more dimension to the Lasky look.

Bob’s passion for photography has brought him to the forefront in numerous arenas: Fashion photography, Beauty photography, Album covers (currently C.D.s), Nature photography, as well as collaborating with some rather prestigious artists. His work with new and seasoned actors and models on headshot and composite photography is legendary.

Lasky and nationally acclaimed artist Michael Israel have collaborated on numerous projects dealing with photo/airbrush art. These Lasky/Israel photo/airbrush pieces have been widely accepted in many art circles. They have been shown in various galleries throughout the Unites States.

What is the Lasky look? According to Michael Israel, the Lasky look is indescribable in words, yet you know Lasky’s work when you see it. He has a way of looking at people, places and things and capturing them in a very special manner.

Looking at people places and things as a professional photographer, for the past 23 years, is what has made Bob earn overnight success. When interviewed, Bob lightheartedly said, it’s funny how you work your ‘you know what’ off for years. Then when you finally catch on, you are called an overnight success. Go figure?

Presently, Bob is working toward a one Persona showing of 42 images that he has shot over the years. While reflecting on the past, through his unique photographic images, another vision emerged. Using a darkroom technique, that is quote, unquote, using it the wrong way (by the book and closed minded standards that is), Bob found a way to create something very different. Teaming up with Black & White darkroom expert Stephen Watt, a new Lasky Look was on the horizon.

Utilizing a combination of Bob’s imagery and that wrong darkroom technique has enabled Bob Lasky to continue his growth as an artist. Lasky calls his new look “Not So Negative Imagery”.

Completed, these images are a ‘Signed Limited Edition’ series of Black & White Photographs that 16×20 image size with a 20×24 border area. When first viewed, some see Lasky’s series as Back & White reversal. Although one look at the work and you know it is, not just a reversal, but it is something very different. To some, the pieces have a likeness to charcoal sketches, or even pen & ink drawings. The intangible force will capture the eye of the beholder to look again, and again, and again….. No matter how one will observe the work, humanity will shortly see the new Lasky look.

As Signed Limited Editions, Bob anticipates his new look will catch on like fine paintings. The subject matter of the “Not So Negative Imagery” series consists of beautiful woman, animals, old & new architecture, nature scenes and abstracts. Bob’s vision is to find 10 collectors, each pre-purchasing 20 signed lithos of one piece of their choosing. Each collector will then give the other 9 collectors one signed litho from their group of 20. Now each collectors will own a single version of 10 different pieces. Lasky stated jokingly, It’s kind of like trading Baseball Cards, but on a much larger scale As for their favorite piece, the collectors will have 10 signed lithos for investment or gift purposes. The concept of this is both attractive for Bob, as well as the collectors. The cost of pre-purchasing the pieces will be well below the normal gallery price. It is estimated by many who are in the known that once Lasky’s “Not So Negative Imagery” collection is shown in galleries the price of the lithos will sky rocket.

Whatever Bob Lasky has on his mind usually transpires into a reality. After viewing “Not So Negative Imagery”, this collection will be no exception. One more dimension of the Lasky look will attach itself in an ever changing, but always creative, contemporary arena.

The Lasky look, that special image and special person that has seen the world through a lens, will soon be sharing his new vision with others on a broader scale. That is what Bob Lasky’s art/life is all about; sharing, caring, and vision. One cannot separate the art from the person who creates it.