Auditioning Headshots for the Actor

Note: Please do not e-mail me regarding Headshots… CALL!!!

I do not like to quote prices or give info via email… I find it to be toooo impersonal

Here is a sampling of the thousands of Actor’s Headshots that Bob Lasky has taken over his 40+ years in the industry. Some of them are taken with film, most digitally. Some of these faces will be more recognizable than others. All are extremely talented in their own right. Bob takes pride in working well with, not only the working Actor, but also the aspiring newcomer.

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“I strive to capture the Actor, not just a pretty picture. I want the Actor to have not only great, but accurate representation…
that’s what Casting Directors are looking for. Two things that you never want to hear from a Casting Director: 1)” Is that you?
Your Headshot doesn’t look like you.” 2) “Was that Headshot taken 10 years ago?” My headshots sell the actor, not a background…not a chair…
not clothing or jewelry!!! If you are trying to fool anyone with your auditioning headshot, or trying to be someone that you are not, please go to one of my competitors. I will not try to be different at the expense of the actor. If your headshot gets you in for an audition that is what makes me look good.”
When looking at the my work please note that it is not about ‘the… poses’, although there is a variety, but it is about a Casting Director looking at the headshot and seeing an actor who can handle acting. It is about The Actor, but hey I guess some people don’t get it.”


Note: Auditioning headshots are different than publicity or glamour.
So don’t cut a picture out of a magazine, take it to a photographer and say, ‘I want this.’ Big mistake.

Also Note: If you show up late or bring family who interrupt our session don’t complain it appears that you
are being rushed.I allow plenty of time for a session. If you don’t ‘bring anything to the session it will be difficult,
although I am known for doing so, for me to ‘bring it out of you’.

Most important note: In my opinion there is not only one good photographer. Everyone has their favorite(s).
I am not the only good photographer in South Florida! Please check out my competitors and decide who’s style and personality
you feel will get you the headshots that will get you in the door to the auditions for the type of work that you are suited for. Reputable
agencies (who do not sell photos) and Casting Directors are who you are trying to get to look at you seriously. Ask…

If you are a Casting Director, Producer, Director or Client with an interest in booking or auditioning
any of the talent shown, you may e-mail or call Bob Lasky and he will hook you up with their Agent.
Bob Lasky, in no way, shape or form acts as an Agent or Manager.
These are professional actors with representation.

If you are interested in booking a session with Bob Lasky at his Miami, Florida studio
Call Lasky’s studio Monday thru Friday from 10:00am – 4:00pm est. (305) 891-0550
Bob will be glad to assist you with answers to your questions.
“I like to deal with all clients directly, not shuffle you off to my assistant so be patient.
If I can’t come to the phone I will call you back and answer all of your questions personally.”

After we have done our session and you have gone over your images with
everyone that you wanted to help you it is time to email your order to me.

Note: I do not take orders over the phone.
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